Robert Dunns book “behind the darkness”

I have always had a keen interest in the rather unusual goings on in todays world and when I seen Robert Dunns latest book on the apparent Alien Abduction Phenomenon I  couldn’t resist finding out more information. In a quick interview via email I asked Robert several questions regarding his personal thoughts on the alien agenda and the reasoning behind his latest book.

I firstly asked Robert on his reasoning behind the book and he responded by saying, ” I was actually persuaded the write the story several years ago as a screenplay for a filmmaker that had just gotten a development deal. It was part of a pitch package that went no where. This was the early 1980’s and aliens were more in people’s minds I think. The story was just too good to let die though and I kept it in my mind for a long time.”

On the Alien Abductions itself he didn’t believe that they were actually taking place he said,. ”  I do not believe that humans are getting abducted by aliens. I think the abduction phenomenon is a part of a creeping social awareness that plants itself and becomes a reason for the unexplainable. Just as in the past, supernatural causes were assigned for certain events (and those assignments were cultural, variously witches, succubus and incubus demons, Satan, etc.) today we are drawn to those things that have filtered into our modern consciousness

.On the theory of “missing time” he explained how he thought it was linked to a occurrence of sleep paralysis. ”  The traumatic aspect of the story vs simple missing time came about after reading several accounts of horrible experiences and the supposition attached to them that they were the result of sleep paralysis. This I understood completely. I am a narcoleptic and have suffered from sleep paralysis myself. It is a pattern of sleep in which the mind is aroused while the body is in the state of full sleep shut down. You cannot move but you can think. The mind fills in blanks. When I was younger my mind filled the silence in with people just beyond my door. Their intent was always cruel. Those experiences ran from missing time to certainty that I had been taken and “something” had happened. But when it comes down to it I chose to write about traumatic, horrible experiences because it made a more adventurous story.

Despite Roberts non belief into the theory of alien abduction it was sill a fascinating read and I would recommend this book to anyone who has a interest in the Alien agenda or anything unusual for that matter.


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